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72% of adults prefer that companies communicate with them via email

Since the founding of Deelish Recipes, seeing so many different publishing platform and online tools, I am very inspired by this story: 


Check it and you will see what I mean in the following post that's about to follow.

Basically I am using very instinctual tools such as "drag-and-drop" tools for my design and marketing work. I love especially modern tools that saves time and easy to use. The first important criteria besides function is speed of learning the tool: it has to have a short learning curve.

Campaign Monitor was found to have these useful features: campaign management, content marketing, customer experience, email management, email marketing, marketing automation and most important of all Web Analytics. *It's pretty hard to find a reliable web analytics that doesn't under report!

For recipes blogging for foodies all around the world, I realised Event Triggered Actions and Multi-Campaign are one of the best features. I like that it has Audience Targeting, brand management, campaign management, categorization/grouping, conversion tracking, distribution management, Multi-Channel publishing and publish scheduling.

If you are curious to find out How to use Psychology to Optimize a Landing Page?  Or to see 100 Best Email Campaigns? Or even How to Cultivate Loyal Readers with a Newsletter? Click on right now and you will get your answers.

For Foodies/Mommies customer experience features, I really appreciate the Analytics, Action management, customer segmentation, dashboard, feedback management, Multi-Channel Collection, Survey management. Today we pride a high importance for an Email management platform, as it allows me to monitor my email and response management. All these save lots of valuable time!

What I had been looking for were Email Marketing features such as: Auto-responders, behavior driven rules, bounce tracking, CAN SPAM Compliance, Click-Through Tracking, Contact database, Drip Campaigns, Event Triggered email, Mailing list management and Multi-Variate Testing!!

Have I told you yet that I also like its Newsletter Management, Spam Check, Subscribe/Unsubscribe, survey and template management, Unsubscribe Database, WYSIWYG email editor.

Credit Campaign Monitor and also Emma


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