BOSCH MultiTalent 3 - Food Processor

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This Christmas, my husband gifted me this new food processor, BOSCH MultiTalent 3.  It has more than 50 functions, has a space saving design, and most of the parts are dish washer safe.

It takes 800W and comes with a 1-litre liquidiser, 2.3-litre bowl, Universal cutter blades, blending blades, grinding jug, two cutting discs, beating disc, kneading hook and a multi-level knife.

It was a big box: H36.9 x W26.3 x D39.7cm,
And one of the heaviest presents ever, 3.7kg

Jenga-esque stack design

I kind of appreciate the Jenga-esque stack design as it really can help to save space. Our present apartment's kitchen is one of the largest I ever have, but still a great design like this in a kitchen gadget is very much welcomed. The standard tools can be stored inside the processor bowl, plus integrated cable storage. I would say this MultiTalent 3 is a lean machine that can chop, slice, shred, beat, knead, whisk, grate, grind, crush, whip and blitz in a smart and compact package.

It has a sleek base unit, with the controls: a fast and slow speed, plus pulse; the latter is labelled M, for ‘moment’.

Each container (the main bowl, liquidiser jug and grinding jug) twists and locks easily into place, with the tools for the bowl slotting onto a spindle.

There are two blade inserts that are compatible with both jugs, although only the blending blade is intended for use with the liquidiser. The universal cutter jug, meanwhile, can handle anything from a small amount of food, such as herbs, hard cheese and meat, to grinding coffee, nuts, spices and grains.

So far, I've made pizza, dumplings, lasagne, pasta, pancakes & chicken nuggets.

There is blade-less whipping disk for whipping egg whites. The dough blade (kneading hook) can easily mix the dry ingredients in the bowl in 10 seconds. There is a lid where you can pour liquid through. The dough is springy and good. Thereafter, it is also very easy to clean.

Tomorrow for New Year's Eve, I am planning to bake a Carrot Cake. So for that, I am planning to whipped some egg whites til stiff with the whipping disk. Then with the shredding function, to shred the carrots and mixed the dry ingredients together.

One of the most frequently used multi-level knife is for chopping quartered onion. In the bowl, I just pulse (M), it gives a consistent chop in seconds! I am planning to bake a casserole, a Hungarian dish called 'Layered Potatoes' after our trip back from Tromso next week. For this, I am planning to use the slicing disc to process the potatoes, on slow speed with lid's pusher for a consistent slices of potatoes.

For New Year's Day, I have frozen some strawberries, and I plan to use the liquidiser (blending blade) to make a frothy and smooth Strawberry Milkshake (ice, strawberries and milk). For the very first day, I've used a tray of ice-cubes to make ice shavings, and with a Raspberry tea and honey, it was a nice cool beverage.

I've also tried the coffee bean grinding jug with some Segafredo Coffee Beans to make a fresh Espresso coffee. My husband likes it very much.

Overall, I am happy with this kitchen gadget and I think it is very useful and helpful.

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