Cheese Board - 2020 New Year's Eve Party

Cheese Board - Smooth cheese, buttery cheese, hard cheese, cheese with a bite

Next is the accompaniments:

Crackers: Carr’s Table Water Crackers, Water biscuit

Saltine or soda cracker

Hard breadsticks with sesame seed. One of my personal favorite is the Italian Grissini breadsticks

Fresh fruit - grape bunches, apples, pears, mandarin oranges

Honey and jam - as sweet condiments to counteract the savouriness of the board

Organic or bio honey, Raspberry or blackberry jam

Nuts - roasted almond, pistachios or mixed nuts

Meat - pre-sliced prosciutto, salami, deli ham

Olives - unpitted Kalamata brown or black olive, green olive

Gherkins - pickles

Dried fruit - dried apricots, dried cranberries, dates


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