Vegan Chocolate

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Vegan Chocolate Brands

Here are a few brands of vegan chocolate that are specifically made to be vegan and are marketed and labeled as such. Most of these vegan chocolate brands are organic and fair-trade as well.
  • Endangered Species Dark Chocolate (most, but not all flavors)
  • Sunspire and Tropical Source (chocolate chips and chocolate bars)
  • Whole Foods Brand Chocolate Chips
  • Whole Foods Brand Dark Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate with Almonds
  • Dagoba
  • Plamil Organic Vegan Chocolate (fair trade)
  • Terra Nostra Rice Milk Vegan Choco Bars
  • Sjaaks
  • Bug Bites

"Accidentally" Vegan Chocolate Brands

  • Chocolove - Dark Chocolate and Orange Peel
  • Trader Joe's brand chocolate chips
  • Newman's Own Chocolate Bars - Sweet Dark Espresso and Sweet Dark Orange, regular and organic)
  • Ritter Sport - Chocolate Mint (the light blue ones) and Marzipan (the red one)
  • Green and Blacks Organic Chocolate - Dark Chocolate
  • Organic Equal Exchange Chocolate - All flavors except for milk chocolate
  • Fanny May's Dark 70% chocolate bars

Other Vegan Chocolate Treats

If it's not just chocolate chips and chocolate bars that you're looking for, try some of these other vegan chocolate treats to satisfy even the most ardent of vegan chocoholics:

  • Chocolate Creme flavored Oreo cookies
  • Vegan Ice Cream (I like Purely Decadent brand Chocolate Peanut Butter Zig-Zag and Temptation Brand Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor)
  • Peanut Chews candy
  • Wax Orchards brand Fat-Free Fudge Sauces
  • Luna Bars (try the chocolate peppermint flavor)
  • Reese's Cereal
  • Cocoa powder, any brand, as long as its 100% cocoa
  • Chocolatey Chip and Chocolate flavor Teddy Grahams
  • Trader Joe's brand vegan chocolate chip cookies

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