Sesame Glutinuous Rice Balls 煎堆

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I found out today how to make this delicious snacks. Chinese New Year is coming (25th January 2020), most families would engage maid service to get ready for house visitation during the Spring Festival. It will be Chinese New Year but in Estonia, there is almost no 'new year mood'. I saw this recipe and decided to make it anyway because I have a small batch of red bean paste in my fridge. This 煎堆, Jian Dui also has so many other names ranging from Sesame Balls, Deep Fried Glutinous Rice Red Bean Paste Balls, Vegan Dim Sum snacks, Goma Dango (Japanese), twigin chamkkaegyeongdan, 튀긴참깨경단 (Korean). I realised Vietnamese also eat them.

Besides in Yum Cha, Dim Sum (High-Tea buffet restaurants), it is sold in Singapore in the 'Old Chang Kee' stores that you can find almost at every corner of a suburban mall. So literally, you do not need to make it yourself.


1.5 cup glutinous rice flour
80 g sugar , about 1/3 cup+ 2 tbsp.
100 ml water or 10ml more for adjusting , include the water for small dough, around 1/3 cup+ 1 tbsp.
1/2 teaspoon baking powder , optional
1 cup roasted white sesame seeds
red bean paste , or other filling as needed
water for dipping
more glutinous rice flour for dusting
oil for frying


Prepare the red bean paste

In a small pot, boil red beans that had been soaked overnight for about 1 hour (or til beans are soften).
In a large bowl, mix the glutinous rice flour with brown sugar and baking powder. Break with hand and slowly stir in water. Continue kneading until smooth dough.

Further shape the dough into long log and then divide into 8 (or more) equal portions. Shape each portion into a round ball.

Assemble the sesame balls

Shape the small glutinous rice balls into a bowl and then wrap around 1 teaspoon red bean paste in. Seal completely and shape into a around ball again.

Prepare a bowl with sesame. Take one ball with one hand, then roll the ball in sesame bowl. Press the balls several times so the sesame seeds can sticky to the surface. Repeat to finish all the sesame balls.

Frying the balls

Heat enough oil (at lest cover the balls) until 120 degree C (or you can test the temperature with a smaller ball).

Carefully add the sesame balls, slow your fire immediately and slowly deep-fry the balls until slightly golden brown.

Turn off fire; transfer out and absorb extra oil with paper. Cool down for several minutes and enjoy!

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