Smart Table Restaurant in T1 Mall

by - 7:53 AM

White Chocolate Pie at Interactive Tables (IT) Resto T1 Mall — in Tallinn, Estonia.

This was the first time we try the food at Interactive Tables (IT) Resto at the T1 Mall. There are quite a number of seats (like 80-120 pax). It's quite fun as you can explore using the smart table technology from placing your order, to drawing, playing air hockey, chess, memory game etc. T1 Mall is the newest mall which boasts to be the next-generation shopping centre. It aims to let shoppers a new way of thinking and a new dimension (new emotions/experiences). It wasn't so ready yet as only this week the new rooftop Ferris wheel has been erected and gondolas being installed. Ülemiste subdistrict is quite a busy area in the weekends especially. They are still installing and testing the wheel's electric and lighting systems. By the way, this portion of pie is 4.50 EUR, on a steep side $$$ but I am sure a lot of Scandinavian (Sweds, Finns, Danish) would find this pricing manageable.

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