Okara Burger [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

by - 3:29 AM

So the other day, I made Tofu with 350g of soya beans. It was my first time but it was a great success! What was left a lot was Okara (the solids that remains after I squeeze out the soya bean milk). Okara is a healthy source of ingredient for many vegan recipes. I decided to make today my first Okara Burger, and what was amazing is that, it was so delicious! This particular burger today has an omelette egg which if you are the kind of vegetarian who cannot eat eggs too, you can totally don't include the egg. For me, it was like an in between breakfast and lunch meal, not too heavy so I added the egg since I am not a stringent vegan. Overall it still tasted very yummy! Try it if you have some Okara and you will know what I mean....



diced onions

seasonings: salt and pepper

Lettuce (or any vegetables you like, like baby spinach)

Tomatoes (optional)

Mayonnaise (you can make vegan mayonnaise)

Tomato sauce or Ketchup

Some tapioca starch for coating

Vegetable Oil


Toast the inner sides of the bun to make it crispy.

Mixed all the ingredients together to form a patty.

Lightly dust the outer layer of patty with some tapioca starch.

Fry it for 2 minutes each side in a pan with oil.

Assemble it in whichever sequence you wish, for me I did this:

1. Base layer of bun

2. Okara burger patty

3. purple onion rings

4. lettuce

5. Ketchup

6. Mayonnaise

7. Egg

8. Sprinkle some parsley

9. Sesame seeded bun layer


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