Chinese New Year Dishes

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This year's Lunar New Year is two weeks earlier than last year, so the reminder message received this year is much earlier than before. Every time I see the reminder, it is both nervous and comforting. Thank you very much for paying attention to my Chinese New Year videos. Because this year I made a show on the theme of restoring ancient books and delicacies, called [Eaters Eat Something], so some of the inspiration and ideas in the New Year's dinner menu are from ancient recipes.
The wisdom of the ancestors is indeed an inexhaustible treasure, and many understandings of ingredients are worthy of reference. In fact, in recent years, everyone has paid great attention to health, and the New Year's Eve must have a lively atmosphere to eat happily, but don't want to be too greasy to bring a burden on the body, so this year's dishes are mostly refreshing. Of course, the taste is not discounted. 

Some dishes are very suitable for banquet, such as Luo Han Cai Xin and chickpea flowers, which look very particular and the dishes are very delicate, but the method is actually quite simple. The assorted warm pot is rich in ingredients and can be cooked and eaten on the table to make the atmosphere more lively and warm. The salty lemon, which has been marinated for a long time, was prepared in the first half of the year, and finally appeared on the dinner table. As in previous years, I hope that my menu will make your New Year's dinner table richer. I wish you all a Happy New Year in advance here ~
#曼食慢语 今年的农历新年比去年要早两周,以至于今年收到的催更消息比以往早了很多。每次看到催更都是既紧张又欣慰,很感谢大家在一直关注我的春节系列电影。 因为今年做了一个以复原古籍美食为主题的节目,叫[古人吃点啥],所以年夜饭菜单里有些灵感和创意,都是来自古代食谱的。先祖们的智慧确实是取之不尽的宝藏,许多对食材的理解都很值得参考。 其实近年来大家都非常注重健康,年夜饭要气氛热闹吃得开心,但也不希望太过油腻给身体带来负担,所以今年的菜式大多是比较清爽的,当然,味道不打折扣还是肯定的。有一些是很合适作为宴客的菜,比如罗汉菜心和鸡豆花,看起来很讲究,摆盘也非常精致,但其实做法挺简单。什锦暖锅里食材丰富,在桌上边煮边吃,也能让气氛更加热闹温馨。上半年就做好的,已经腌了很久的咸柠檬,也终于在年夜饭的餐桌上出现了。 和往年一样,希望我的菜单,能让你家的年夜饭餐桌更丰富一些。就在这里提前祝大家新年快乐啦~ ▋相关视频 2019年夜饭: 2018年夜饭:

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