Plant-based Recipes and Vegan Books

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New segment on Deelish Recipes is our "Plant-based Recipes and Vegan Books"! In a way, I have decided to think more seriously about changing my diet to a Plant-based diet gradually. I want to achieve to become 100% plant-based. I do not consider I am yet even 50% plant-based, let alone vegetarian. I am the same as you, I eat meat, poultry not because I love that animals are killed for it. I am one of the people on the way to converting and this coronavirus crisis has made it more firm this decision to give it a try and believe in myself that I can do this.

I think I had been hesitant to go FULLY plant-based by the lack of confidence that I can compensate all my dietary and nutritional needs. I want to gain more relevant information about a plant-based diet and would love any recommendations from any authors or plant-based vloggers or bloggers. Those of you who has been a regular on Deelish Recipes, you know that I have been a faithful follower of Pick Up Limes and Avant Garde. I shall today share another on Quesadillas by Jamie Oliver, the ingredients are mainly Tortillas, Cheese, Carrot, Paprika, Celery & Parsley.

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