Butterfly Pea Flowers Rice and Tea Recipe

by - 10:21 PM

Butterfly pea flowers are an adaptogenic herb that may help ease occasional stress. Russian scientist N.V. Lazarez discovered adaptogens in 1947 while another Russian scientist, Dr. Israel Brekhman, spent more than forty years examining their healthful benefits. Dr. Brekhman designated that to be an adaptogen, herbs that need to have three specific traits:
  • The herb is non-toxic
  • It helps regulate stress by helping the body adapt to it
  • It has a positive impact on the body
  • Adaptogens impact your well-being by helping you cope with stress, which is something everyone has to deal with at one point or another! A scientific review of adaptogenic agents listed butterfly pea flowers as an acceptable adaptogen.
Besides, health benefits that Blue Pea offers, such as improving digestion, uplifting mood, reducing stress and enhance skin health.

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