Hot Pot, Steam Boat, Shabu-shabu

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Hot pot:

Hai di Lao Hot Pot Broth: I added the goji, dates slices that comes with it.
I added 2 pcs of bones of chicken, 4 slices of ginger, 1 medium sized Onion (cut in wedges), Chinese Cabbages

1 cup of Jasmine Steamed Rice
Gyoza dumplings on the two tiers of tray
1 egg
1 tomato (cut to wedges)
Dumpling Skin (1 pack)
Tofu - Silken Soft
Coriander and Spring Onion (1 sprig each)
1 Potato
1/2 Carrot
King Trumpet Mushroom (3pcs)
Shitake Mushroom (5pcs)
Straw Mushroom (1 packet)
Vermicelli (Mung Bean Noodles) 
Kang Kong
Fish Roe and Shrimp Paste x2
Bean Curd Skin Rolls
Meat Balls (Mushroom and Pork)
Steam Boat Variety mix: Fish Balls, etc
Fried Shallots
Shabu-shabu Beef Slices
Condiment: Japanese Roasted Sesame

After almost three months into our new place, we hosted our very first Hot Pot Steamboat Party. I bought the Philips HD4911/62 SENSOR TOUCH Induction cooker in February and finally Singapore has reopened and we invited my old gym buddy to have this delicious steamboat shabu-shabu party at our home.

It was simply some preparation of the broth, cooked some rice and assembly and cutting of the various options of vegetables and 'dish items' listed above. My whole family enjoyed it a lot and I think it is very nice way for us to bond and have a cosy family dinner.

Post-post: Have you wondered how mung bean vermicelli or Cellophane noodles, glass Noodles comes about? Is it really from Mung Beans? Here's a 'making video' to show how it is made:

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