Ichiban Sushi - Salmon Belly Mentai Yaki

by - 7:50 PM

My friend Angie recommended me to this Torched Salmon Belly Mentai Yaki. It is one of the best introduction to be back into the Singapore's food scene. I like Japanese cuisine for a few reasons. At first I didn't even noticed this question until my purchase of 3 Bento Box sets for my family during our move back to Singapore two months ago. My husband asked me why I like the Japanese food? I said after much thoughts that I think visually I think the Japanese are the best people in the world to package their products and services.

I personally also made experiments with regards to user experiences on the healthy portion of food consumed when it is prepared well, versus the portion and enjoyment for same food prepared and served in different manner.

I did this out of personal curiosity, however, a little bit on reasons that I am a UX designer.

 Torched salmon sushi -Salmon Belly Mentai Yaki

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