Salmon Belly Sashimi Tampopo たんぽぽ (Japanese)

by - 9:12 PM

 Salmon Belly Sashimi S$21 for 7pcs — at Tampopo たんぽぽ.

With Francine, we had a great catch up after a hi-tea at 10 Scotts Grand Hyatt. Tampopo is a recommendation made by her after a 3hr shopping near Tangs and Takashimaya. We were actually quite full already but was hoping to find a place for drinks and talk more. She ordered some Japanese Green Tea and was happy to share with me this 7 pc plate of Salmon Belly Sashimi and she also ordered a Chawanmushi. It was quite fatty and huge piece of Salmon Belly with these 'Pineapple-Cut' :) I've only eaten sotong with pineapple cuts LOL

By the way, it was my first time eating Sashimi in Singapore. The reason is in the 1990s, I had my first Japanese Sushi experience in Japan Tokyo - so since then I don't go for imported sashimi! I only dine in and eat cooked sushi like Tamago or piping hot Japanese Ramen.

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