Tips and Healthier Alternatives for the Festive Season

by - 2:03 AM

Chinese New Year is a joyous occasion to celebrate with loved ones and indulge in delicious traditional dishes. However, these foods can often be high in calories, making it easy to overindulge during the festival. With a bit of planning and some smart choices, you can still enjoy the flavours of the season without compromising your health. Here are some tips to keep in mind when eating Chinese New Year food and some healthier alternatives to consider.

Watch your portion sizes: One of the easiest ways to control your calorie intake is to be mindful of how much you're consuming. Use smaller plates and avoid going back for seconds. Instead, savour each bite and enjoy the flavours.

Choose steamed or stir-fried dishes: Chinese cuisine offers a wide variety of cooking methods, but steamed and stir-fried dishes tend to be healthier than those that are deep-fried or braised. These methods retain the natural flavours and nutrients of the ingredients without adding unnecessary fats and calories.

Go easy on the sauces: Many traditional Chinese New Year dishes are prepared with sauces that are high in sugar and sodium. To enjoy the flavours without the added calories, ask for the sauce on the side and use it sparingly.

Include more vegetables: Many Chinese New Year dishes include a lot of meat and carbohydrates. To balance out the meal, add more vegetables to your plate.

Recent surveys have shown that Singaporeans are becoming increasingly health-conscious. With many people looking to make dietary choices that prevent health conditions, and being willing to pay more for healthier food options. This trend highlights the increasing awareness of health and nutrition among Singaporeans, and it's a positive development for the food industry to respond to by improving their product offerings to cater to health-conscious individuals.

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