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I am passionate about cooking and baking, and I created this website in 2010 to share my love for food with others. I enjoy experimenting with different recipes from different countries, particularly since moving to Budapest 16 years ago. I am always open to trying new ingredients and working with editorial clients to develop new recipes. As part of the Deelish Recipes community, I am excited to share my recipes and viewing experience with others who share my passion for food.

On this website, I showcase the recipes I've tested while living abroad, complete with food photography of the final products and step-by-step photos when the procedure calls for an interesting look at the food or cuisine. I also have a passion for food styling, in addition to focusing on the taste and quality of the food.

If you are an author of a cookbook, I would be happy to feature your book on my website. Additionally, if you are a food blogger, vlogger or content creator, I am also happy to feature your blog or food channel (like this )

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Interest, keywords: Vegan, vegetarian recipes, heart-healthy diets, Lo-Sodium, plant-based

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