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I really enjoy cooking and baking and this site arises out of my own personal passion which I discovered in 2010. With a truly enjoyable viewing experience rendered to my audience who loves food as much as I do, now together with this Deelish community, I can offer the following:

I have since love to experiment cooking/baking different food from different countries since my move to Budapest about 10 years ago. I love to work with different products (brands of ingredients) and I am open to working with editorial clients for new recipes development.

Food Styling and Food Photography
Most of the recipes that I've tested while living abroad are 'curated' here on this site. I even made food photography of the final product, sometimes even the step-by-steps photo if the procedure calls for an interesting look at the food/cuisine. For art reasons, I also love food styling besides the focus on the food taste and quality.

Feature Your Cookbook
If you're an author of a cookbook, let me know so that I can feature your cookbook.

Recipe Blog
If you're a foodie (content creator), food Blogger or Vlogger, please feel free to let me know so that I can feature your blog or food channel (like this).

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App Feature US$100 per app
Apps about food, recipes, kitchen, kitchen designs, food photography and/or food games. If your app is in other category not mentioned, please write us first to find out possibility to feature

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Please feel free to contact me for further information and rates.